The Ride of the Thirty Lancers

From the Final Report of the United States De Soto Expedition Commission, pp151

Our report contends that the 30 Lancers DID travel 377 miles to port. The Commission says they went 332.8 or 340.6 miles; averaging a 40 mile difference with what Garcilaso reported.

* Garcilaso the "Inca" had reported on DeSoto's trail from the Great Swamp to Ochile, that the army, "Having marched six leagues, they found him (Hernando de Soto) encamped..."

Leaving there, Inca says "...the governor left... (and) went in search of another province called Ocali. There are about twenty leagues from the one to the other."

Continuing, Inca says DeSoto traveled " another province that is sixteen leagues from that of Ocali... (which others called Aguacaleyquen, Caliquen or Aguacalecuen at the river).

That distance, six leagues plus twenty leagues plus sixteen leagues, equals forty-two leagues, NOT 23 to 26 leagues as the Commission contended.

The Commission's statement that "a discrepancy involving the itinerates of the 6th and 7th days" beyond the Lancers river crossing their 5th day out is entirely incorrect.

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