Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues Background

Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues Art Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, French painter and explorer, also active in Florida and London. In April 1564 he sailed with René de Laudonnière as artist of the Huguenot expedition to Florida. In September 1565 the Spaniards overran the colony, but he escaped and returned to France. By c. 1580 he had settled in Blackfriars, London, ‘for religion’ and received letters of denization on 12 May 1581. He later came into contact with Sir Walter Ralegh and his colonizing circle and with John White, the artist of the first English colony of Virginia, with whom he exchanged ideas and perhaps collaborated. Ralegh commissioned him to illustrate the Florida enterprise, and Le Moyne produced an account Brevis narratio eorum quae in Florida ... acciderunt ... auctore Iacobo le Moyne with 42 illustrations and a map that Theodor de Bry published in Frankfurt au Main in 1591 as the second part of his Collectiones perigrinationum in Indiam orientalem et occidentalem. In 1586 Le Moyne produced a book of small woodcut designs, entitled La Clef des champs, pour trouver plusieurs animaux, tant bestes qu’oyseaux, avec plusieurs fleurs et fruitz, to serve as models for the artist and craftsman. (b Dieppe, c. 1533; d London, before 1 June 1588)... from The Grove Dictionary of Art.

Jacques Le Moyne New World Drawings

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