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Written by Donald E. Sheppard

The article which appears below, conceived in 1857 then "refined" by Congress in 1939, is still accepted by today's institutions as THE oldest description of Inland North America. It is taught on-line and in most American schools and universities today.

Press for the 2000 version       Press for the 2000 version

The "Official" DeSoto Trail vs. DeSoto's Trail in Peru

DeSoto's U.S. Route according to the National Park Service, 2005 - Press for Larger Map     DeSoto's Route thru Peru - Press for Larger Map
At left the "Official" Route of Hernando de Soto, according to the National Park Service based on
the "Official Commission's Report of 1939." At right is the known route DeSoto took thru Peru.

DeSoto marched directly toward his objectives,
NEVER AIMLESSLY from one place to the next!

DeSoto Trail Maps - Then and Now

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